Our process is easy

It can be frustrating to work with roofing comapanies especially if your insurance company needs to be involved. RGS SOLUTIONS has the expertise and experience to help make sure that your experience is simple and easy.  We want our clients to spend time with family and activities that bring them joy.  We DO NOT WANT our clients to spend time worrying about paperwork or contractors. We manage your roof replacement in 5 simple steps.

  1. Schedule your appointment for a FREE ROOF INSPECTION.
  2. We evaluate your roof and dwelling. We document the condition and damages.
  3. We review and discuss your options with you for a full roof replacement.
  4. If necessary, we prepare all paperwork and prepare a complete documentation package of your damage.
  5. We replace your roof and repair damages to your home while we communicate every step with you along the way.

Free on-site iNspections and EStimateS

Weather Events - Did you know?

If the roof that covers your property is damaged during a weather event, your insurance company must efficiently process your claim to mitigate further losses that may result from having a damaged roof. Most wind damage occurs due to what we call "wind chatter." This rapid fluttering of tiles causes fasteners to loosen their position. As a result, water will seep into the opening left by the loosened fastener and cause damage that you may never see until it's a major problem.

Florida GUIDELINES for roof replacements

  • Screws holding down your tile are failing because of wind uplift.
  • Tiles become separated from each other because of wind.
  • Tiles become loose and can be lifted more than 2.5 inches.
Roof Inspection